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Teradata Corporation and MicroStrategy® work to deliver an analytical solution that provides a high ROI for departmental level solutions, while scaling effortlessly and cost effectively to enterprise wide deployments. The result of this unique combination of analytical technologies are joint customers that make MicroStrategy a leading BI product for the Teradata system. Customers benefit from the highly optimized technology integration and from a substantial library of best practices that ensure the successful deployment of demanding business intelligence solutions.

Adding to the joint successes is Teradata University Network, an online portal designed for further education in the areas of data warehousing, business intelligence and database administration.More than 1100 instructors representing over 800 universities and 50 countries are included in the Teradata university Network. MicroStrategy is Teradata’s original BI partner in this groundbreaking initiative.The Partnership A core distinction of the joint solution is its reliance on the processing power and data management capabilities of the highly scalable Teradata system.MicroStrategy technology was designed to take complete advantage of an organization’s investment in the powerful Teradata technology. MicroStrategy intelligently accesses and processes data straight from the Teradata system, eliminating data limitations and time-intensive cube administration. Any piece of data can be accessed at any time, with complete centralized security administration and proprietary performanceenhancing algorithms for fast response.Benefiting customers who manage large amounts of information and databases isthe synergistic partnership that Teradata and MicroStrategy have forged over the years.The longevity of this partnership is in part due to the companies’ strong technical relationship.

MicroStrategy belongs to Teradata’s Early Adopter Program and hosts a Teradata Server in its own in-house laboratory to perform prerelease certification of Teradata’s new releases. MicroStrategy devotes considerable resources to optimize its performance on Teradata.Consequently, the two partners are ableto integrate key capabilities, making their united platform more in sync with today’s fast-paced business environment and its demand for readily accessible information. By enabling their products to work togetherseamlessly and by combining archival Partners Teradata and MicroStrategy in a Snapshot As the global leader in data warehousing and analytic technologies, Teradata solutions make smart companies smarter.

Teradata give companies the people, technology,innovation, and a world-class network of customers and partners enabling them to gain competitive advantage to master their markets.With Teradata, the smartest wins.Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy is a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence software. The MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform™ distills vast amounts of data into vital, probing insight to help drive cost-efficiency, productivity, customer relations and revenue-generation.MicroStrategy offers scalability, powerful analytics, user-friendly query and reporting features and an easy-to-use web interface.

Because of MicroStrategy and Teradata’s joint heritage in the high-end of BI, with the ability to support hundreds of users over terabytes of data, our technologies are uniquely positioned to help organizations leverage the fullest potential of BI. Our combined strengths in user and data scalability allows us to serve our customers’growing needs for the most demanding and sophisticated BI applications.

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