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The MicroStrategy Reporting Suite includes the MicroStrategy products and components required to provide premium reporting capabilities to quickly develop and deliver operational and analytical reports from your data.MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is a free, commercial reporting tool for developing and delivering operational and analytical reports. Report outputs are HTML, PDF, Microsoft Excel, and text. Data can be presented in tabular grid reports, graphs and charts, and combination grid-and-graph displays.

The package is composed of server software for core analytical processing and job management, an end-user Web interface, Web-based reporting software, desktop reporting software, and a data architecting product. It is part of the unified MicroStrategy business intelligence architecture.

MicroStrategy announced the latest release of its software, MicroStrategy 9, in January 2009. MicroStrategy 9 extends the performance, scalability, and flexibility of enterprise BI and supports the rapid deployment of departmental BI applications.[18]

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