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Report Objects

Report Objects
Report Objects are objects associated with a given report. At
any time, a user can choose to view only a particular set of
those objects. For example, you choose to show Metric1 and
Metric2 but not Metric3 on the template.
Report Objects also indicate the lowest level of detail
available in a report. This is accomplished by looking at the
list of attributes in the Report Objects list. For example, a
report with Year, Month, and Week in Report Objects has
data for the metrics in that report at the Year, Month, and
Week level. A user can choose to view only Year and Month
on the template. In that case, the data is aggregated by
default to the Month level, the lowest level of detail on the
The Reports Objects list is not shown by default in the Report
Editor, although it is displayed on the left side of the Report
Viewer. If it is not automatically displayed, choose Show
Report Objects from the View menu.

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