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Data warehouse

Data warehouse
The Installation and Configuration Guide provides guidance
on setting up a robust data warehouse environment. Data
warehouses are generally based on some form of relational
database and can be queried with Structured Query Language
(SQL) to pull information from the warehouse into a report
format. The data stored in the data warehouse originates
from the source systems.
Data warehouses are designed and optimized for analytical
processing. Analytical processing involves manipulating
the data in the warehouse to calculate sales trends, growth
patterns, trend reporting, profit analysis, and so on.
The data warehouse is a large database populated with data
that is stored in tables. These databases have many tables,
tracking many different pieces of information. It is not
necessary to have multiple data warehouses as a data
warehouse can store many databases and tables.
The data in the robust data warehouse can be populated with
data from an existing source system using an ETL process.
ETL takes the data from all sources, which can be spread over
several different locations, and funnels them into one data

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