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ETL process

ETL process
The extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process
represents all of the steps necessary to move data from
disparate source systems to an integrated data warehouse.
The ETL tool is provided by a third-party vendor.
The first step is to extract or retrieve data from source
systems. The second step is to transform the data and prepare
it to be loaded into the data warehouse. Transformation
procedures include converting datatypes and column names,
eliminating bad data, correcting typographical errors, filling
in incomplete data, and so on. The third and final step is to
load the data into the warehouse.
The tools used to perform various aspects of the ETL process
must contain information about the data, which facilitates
the transfer of data from the source systems to the data
warehouse. Specifically, such tools help you to
• store information about the structure and content of both
the source system and data warehouse
• correlate the source system structure and content to that
of the data warehouse

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